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lata c
Lata Chemudupati - HR & People Practices
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Foster belongingness in culture

We nurture a culture where employees feel valued, respected and that they belong. Encourage open dialogues, employee resource groups, and diversity-focused events and celebrations.

Inclusive policies and practices

We ensure policies and practices, such as parental leave, flexible schedules, and mentoring programs are inclusive and supportive of all employees. We review policies regularly to identify any gaps.

Great Place to work, genuinely!

At NCG India, we are proud to have been certified as a Great Place to Work for the 4th year in a row.  Moreover, we are honored to have also received the Best Place for Women Award, affirming our dedication to diversity, inclusion and providing a supportive work environment for all.

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Isha Finance
Isha Agrawal - Finance Head

As the Finance Head at NCG India, I’m proud of the competitive employee benefits we offer, carefully designed to support our people.

We’ve spent ample time thoughtfully drafting benefit schemes that provide security and encourage wellbeing.

Employee Benefits

Powerpack Perks

  • Medical insurance covers hospitalization, critical illness, and OPD expenses for employees and families.
  • Telemedicine and health checkups provide easy access to doctors and preventive care.
  • Term life and personal accident insurance give financial protection when needed most.
  • Retirement benefits like PF, gratuity and pension plans help employees save for the future.
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave support new parents. Adoption and surrogacy leave also available.
  • Time off includes earned leaves, sick leave and holidays to help employees maintain work-life balance.
  • Learning programs, seminars and development funds empower employees to upskill.
  • Our benefits aim to promote wellbeing and give our people a sense of security.
  • When employees thrive, NCG India thrives. Join our family!

Open & Candid

Our Culture

  • We provide ample learning opportunities to gain new skills. Employees are empowered to drive their own development.
  • Expressing joy and creativity is welcomed here. We incorporate fun at work through celebrations, events and innovative programs.
  • Open and candid communication allows collaboration and feedback to flow freely. All ideas are heard.
  • We value transparency from leadership. Two-way dialogue is embraced at all levels.
  • Sustained performance is enabled by caring for our employees’ wellbeing and providing tools for success.
  • Our culture promotes work-life balance, diversity, and maintaining employees’ physical and mental health.
  • We invest in state-of-the-art technology, resources, and mentoring to set employees up for sustained achievement.
  • By upholding these cultural tenets, we’ve built an organization focused on inclusive growth, innovation, and excellence.
  • Our culture remains our competitive edge. Join NCG to be part of our cultural foundation.
Dhruv Parekh
Dhruv Parekh - Executive Director

As Executive Director, I’ve seen NCG India grow over 26+ years by fostering a distinct culture.

Our ethos encourages passion for learning & a sense of ownership among employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What medical insurance coverage do you provide?

We provide health insurance that covers hospitalization, critical illness, OPD expenses, preventative care, maternity benefits, and more for employees and their families.

What retirement plans do you offer?

We have PF, gratuity, pension plans, and other savings schemes to help employees plan for retirement. The PF is contributed to by both employee and employer.

How is maternity and paternity leave handled?

New mothers get 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. Fathers and adopting parents get 15 days of paid paternity leave. Surrogacy leave is also available.

What time off and leave policies do you have?

Employees earn annual paid leave and sick leave. We also provide public holidays as well as leave for marriage, bereavement, etc.

How do the benefits compare to other companies?

Our benefits are very competitive and aimed at promoting employee wellbeing, security, work-life balance, and growth.

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